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It is open to new business opportunities and voluntarily promotes LeaderX in the market, in addition to inviting new participants and being consulted about adjustments to our editions.


First steps

There are no fees to be paid to become a member of the LeaderX Community; however, you will go through an exclusive journey.

The initial evaluation focuses on the individual's leadership profile rather than the organization they represent because we value each leader's individual trajectory, achievements, and network, regardless of the organization they represent.

We seek outstanding leaders in their fields, from CEOs and directors of large organizations to renowned professionals and successful entrepreneurs.


In a second moment, as important as the first one, we analyze the candidate’s profile, which needs to occupy or have occupied positions such as CEO, President, Country Director, Country Manager, General Director, General Manager, and Manager Director, Vice-President, or equivalent, with recognized notoriety because it enriches the leadership experience and professional experience is taken into account.

In the case of entrepreneurs, our interest turns to leaders of medium to large companies, ideally with annual revenues exceeding 50 million.


Como membro do LeaderX, você terá acesso a uma série de benefícios exclusivos:

Access and solid global connections with influential leaders and entrepreneurs.

Possibilities of participation in high-level meetings and editions.

Business opportunities through our collaborative network.

Access to deep knowledge and reflections on business world trends.

Recognition and visibility in a high-level leadership community.

Join us

For active C-Level members, only leadership from large national and international corporations arouses our interest. After your evaluation is completed, if approved, you become a memorable member of the LeaderX Network, with the following benefits listed.






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