LeaderX, the most innovative initiative in the corporate world today.

LeaderX is an innovative organization that brings together great leaders in remarkable experiences to drive a global cultural movement.


We have developed a leading Collaborative Economy platform to unite world leaders, boost business and strengthen relationships.


Participation requires nominations from members of our 16 communities and endorsement from LeaderX ambassadors in 14 countries. Our meetings are exclusive and limited to entrepreneurs, executives and renowned professionals.


Our editions stand out for their high attendance, reputation and engagement, driven by the active participation of leaders who attract new committed members.

Join a community of leaders who drive the future.

Who is it for?

We are looking for leaders with integrity, strategic vision and a commitment to building a more promising future. If you identify with these values and are looking to broaden your horizons, LeaderX is for you.


Through our business model, opportunities are generated through connections and networking.

+16 global communities

The only community that highlights the importance of the leader, regardless of the company they work for, is LeaderX, where their career is recognized as the greatest merit for being part of it.

Leaders in Brazil community

Strong presence of female leadership in LeaderX communities.

Are CEOs from big corporations

Focus on the diversity of leaders in our communities.

Social institutions supported

We support social institutions at all LeaderX Talks events.


Within the LeaderX Community, a variety of meetups are organized to inspire and empower its members. Some of these events are open to the public, providing a unique opportunity to learn from prominent leaders across a variety of industries.


Our purpose is to create a collaborative cultural movement that generates strong, active, and global communities, promoting increased value, mutual benefits, and synergy among leaders, their organizations, and partner companies.

At LeaderX, leaders from various fields and organizations meet to share experiences, create meaningful connections, and boost their careers and businesses, reinforcing the feeling of belonging to something greater that transcends geographic and sectoral boundaries. 

Business model

The essence of our organization lies in the principles of the Collaborative Economy. This model, which prioritizes interconnection, resource sharing and collaboration, serves as the foundation for sustainable development and continuous innovation.


01 Oxygenating the business world

We bring together great leaders in unique experiences that inspire innovation and transformation.

02 Promote continuous exchange

We create an environment conducive to sharing ideas, learning, reflections and opportunities among leaders.

03 Accelerate a cultural movement

We cultivate a vibrant, global community that contributes to the development of a more prosperous and collaborative future.

04 Connections and new business

Human relations, bringing people together and connecting ideals and initiatives have never been more necessary than now!

05 Ecosystem for creating panels

The LeaderX Panel is a unique opportunity to strengthen human and business relationships.

Get to know our Embassy

Formed by global leaders.

Meet our Ambassadors.

"Because it's a more relaxed environment, because it's a more open environment, I think it allows us to have a business relationship with more trust, more knowledge."

Board Member - STEFANINI GROUP Monica Herrero

"If you're thinking of coming, and sometimes you don't have time to come, here's what I say: if your competitor comes, it'll be worse for you. So come and enjoy this fantastic networking."

Chairman and Co-Founder - PRESTUS Alexandre Borin

"It's something unique. It's a very enjoyable event, very interesting people, a collaborative and very pleasant atmosphere."

Managing Director - HALTON REFRIN Marcelo Vale

"There's nothing more relevant than getting people talking, people who may or may not have common interests. Conversation is always important, dialog, we talked about projects, business, I learned about ideas that I didn't even know existed."

Director of Institutional Relations - GRUPO GLOBO Marcelo Bechara

Join the community

Become a member of this community, your journey preferably begins with a nomination by an active member, which must be followed by the essential endorsement of one of our esteemed presidents or ambassadors.

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